Paino Lessons - High ResolutionPiano Lessons

My name is Ruby Rose. I lost my Johnny, the love of my life, at the start of the second great world war. Now I’m destitute, alone, and living in California far from the family that disinherited me when I eloped with Johnny.

By chance I meet a man who alters the course of my life and saves me from becoming homeless. I’m no longer just one of the many widows left behind in WWII America. I’m a well-paid courtesan who takes on special cases and Henry, the wealthy enigmatic man who brings me untold pleasure, is more than my financial salvation—he could be my greatest love.

But Henry has secrets. What he’s hiding could ruin me—or it could completely change my life.

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BonBon: An Erotic Sampler

A collection of excerpts from Betty Paper’s best erotic romances.

Piano Lessons

Sexcapades: Pia and the Prisoner of War

Sexcapades: Marla and the Mall Santa

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