Marla and the Mall Santa


BettyPaper_SylviaandtheSantaClaus-2 Marla and the Mall Santa

She’ll get everything she wants this Christmas.

When Marla sits on Santa’s lap and tells him what she wants for Christmas she ends up getting more than her stocking stuffed. Visions of sugar plums might dance in her head, but Santa’s driving the sleigh and he knows exactly how naughty she’s been.



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Christmas was my favorite holiday. If I could, I’d leave my tree up all year long, but my roommate wouldn’t allow it. Little did she know I snuck Christmas in wherever I could. Like wearing Christmas nickers every day. Today’s pair were candy cane striped and I wore a red and white lace bra to match. My lipstick was always red and my shoes always green. No matter what. I played holiday music in my car year-round and the perfume I wore smelled of pine and cinnamon. Holiday sweaters were an out of control addiction.

All my good memories were tied to Christmas so it was little wonder that I volunteered to play Mrs. Claus at the local mall as part of a special program for underprivileged children. My ample curves filled out the white fur-trimmed, red velvet dress that I had specially made for me. It was a struggle for the seamstress to corral my overly large breasts, but she somehow managed it. The last thing I wanted was for one of my tits to pop out in front of the kids.

The faux mall was decorated for Christmas from the parking lot light posts to the domed ceiling, and everything in between. Holiday music pumped from the speakers and everyone seemed to bustle about to begin their holiday shopping. The illusion was perfect. I whistled along with We Wish You a Merry Christmas, my spirits high as I made my way to the private party. Santa and I were to do a meet and greet for the organizers before the gingerbread house was turned into a photo booth to memorialize the foster children’s visit with Santa. At least that was the set up.

A little person dressed as an elf opened the velvet ropes for me and bowed as I made my way into the cordoned off area for the event.

“Hello,” I said. “I’m Marla. I’m here for the special event.”

“Good evening, Mrs. Claus,” he corrected, reminding that this was a fantasy. My fantasy. “Santa’s expecting you.” He led me to the entrance of the elaborately decorated candy house and gestured for me to go inside.

“Thank you…?”

“Adasser,” he answered, his gaze roaming over my body like a caress. “At your service.”

My nipples puckered at his blatant sexual innuendo and stare. Indeed, it was clear exactly how he’d like to service me. I licked my lips and returned his look, parting my legs ever so slightly. From where we were situated, the fake mall goers couldn’t see us. Even if we could be seen, I didn’t care. This elf was handsome. More than that, he looked as though he knew exactly how to please a woman.

“And just what kind of service do you provide?” I queried.

“Anything you like, Mistress. We’ve been instructed to see to your every need.”

“My every need?”

His hands were hot on the back of my thighs as he ran them up my skirt. “Whatever you wish.”

“What if I told you I want you to make me come? Right here. Right now.”

“Then it would be my duty and pleasure to make you come.” His fingers toyed with the lace edge of my panties. “As many times and in as many ways as you’d like.”

“Lick me.”

His eyes flashed with desire as he pulled my panties slowly down to my ankles. I stepped out of them.

He took them in his fist and inhaled my scent. “Mistress, you smell like Christmas.”

I raised the front of my dress and widened my legs, exposing my bare pussy. He tossed aside my panties and stared. Beneath his costume I could see his cock rise to full staff. It was rather impressive the way it bulged toward me.

“Lick me,” I instructed again.

Adasser ran a finger down, then up my slit. He was the perfect height. I wouldn’t have to bend or sit for him to put his mouth on me. My breasts ached. As soon as I had that thought, a pair of hands reached around and clamped down on my tits, twisting my nipples through the plush velvet of my dress. Behind me another elf stood on a candy-covered crate. He licked my neck and I shivered.

“That’s Goldir,” Adasser said against my inner thigh. “His duty is the same as mine. To please you.”

“Mmmm,” was all I could manage as Adasser licked me from cunt to clit.

His clever fingers drove inside me. If it wasn’t for Goldir holding me up, my knees would’ve buckled. Adasser’s talented mouth clamped down on me. He sucked me like a candy cane, savoring me as though he couldn’t get enough. Goldir lowered the zipper on my dress, freeing my breasts. I was ravaged in the most luxurious, scandalous way as the sounds of mall shoppers went on a foot away, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas changed to Silver Bells.

“I am Nestor,” a third elf whispered in my ear. “I am also here to please you.”

Goldir and Nestor ducked under my arms and latched onto each of my breasts, holding me upright. Their hot mouths were a gentle torture. Below, Adasser worked his crazy magic, adding a thick vibrator to the mix, thrusting it mercilessly into my hot, wet pussy over and over again. The sensations built and built. There was nothing to do but let them carry me away. I came, screaming for Saint Nick and bathing Adasser’s face with my steaming cum.

I was a big girl. It took all three elves to support me, but they didn’t seem to mind as they led me into the gingerbread house. Inside they stripped me of my Mrs. Claus costume and underwear, then guided me up the steps of a huge four-poster bed plush with Christmas colored pillows. They arranged me like I was a queen on a throne. Their massive cocks tented their short green pants and I ached to see them.

“Undress,” I ordered and the elves quickly complied.

The naked men surrounded me, bending to their knees before me.

“How may we be of service, Mistress?” Goldir asked, running his hand up and down his thick, hard cock.

“Elves make toys, right?” All three nodded at my question. “Show me your toys.”

Nestor and Goldir leapt off the bed and retrieved a toy box, placing it on the bed at my feet. Adasser lifted the lid and peered inside. He motioned for the other two to join him and they spent a good amount of time whispering between them before selecting a device. No. Devices. They each held identical contraptions and crawled toward me, the tips of their dicks wet with pre-cum. I couldn’t wait to suck them and taste their juices. But first I needed to come again and they knew it.

Adasser knelt on my left with Nestor on my right. They pulled my legs up, opening me to Goldir who knelt between my chunky thighs. Elvis’s Blue Christmas, my favorite song, came through the speakers. I shivered in anticipation. What were they going to do to me?

They placed suction cups over my nipples and clitoris. Spreading my legs wider, the elves squeezed the pumps attached to the cups. The suction built, drawing on my sensitized skin and making it pulse. I’d never felt anything like it. All the while, the men murmured naughty, dirty things to me about how hot I was and how hard I made them. The evidence of their arousal dripped onto my shoulders and thighs. The cups grew tight and I gasped under the sensations. Goldir pushed his fat fingers, slick with lube, into my pussy, stroking my g-spot.

I writhed on the bed, my head lashing back and forth. It was too much. All of it. And yet, not enough to make me come. The elves knew it, their dark chuckles mixing with Elvis’s crooning.

“What do you want, Mistress?” Nestor asked, his cock inches from my face. “We’re here to please you.”

“I want to come,” I gasped.

Adasser shook his head. “The master said to only let you come once.”

“What about what I want?” Oh god, I was so close it burned. The pleasure and pain was almost too much. “Make me come!”

“No. Not yet.” A new voice.

I raised my head and looked down my body to where Santa stood at the foot of the bed. He wore his white fur-trimmed red suit, his bright blue eyes focused on my cunt as the elves pumped the cups one more time. I moaned with pleasure. Everything throbbed. Santa stroked his white beard with one hand, the thumb of his other hand hooked in his belt. He smiled. The look in his eyes told me he knew exactly how naughty I’d been and how naughty I could be. For him.

Goldir’s finger slipped from my cunt and rimmed my ass. He pushed in slowly, allowing me to get used to his intrusion. My hips flexed off the bed. Goldir pushed me down onto the bed, holding me there. Two sets of hands caressed and soothed me. This was everything and yet it still wasn’t enough.

I cursed. Santa’s grin grew wider. He watched me with a predatory glare, all the while standing there as though he didn’t care. The elves worked me over. Tears leaked out my eyes and still they didn’t let me come.

“Santa, please,” I begged.

He shook his head. The music changed again. We Three Kings. The elves stopped everything. My chest heaved with pent-up frustration. The suction cups were released. It was worse without them than with them. My pulse pounded in my clit and nipples. I wanted to touch myself but the elves held my hands.

The men moved to my head, lining up. They took turns jacking off on me, while Santa watched. First Adasser, then Goldir, then Nestor. Their hot, starchy cum bathing my face and mouth. I couldn’t get enough and turned my head, gobbling up every drop. I sucked from their cocks until they deflated and they pulled away.

Santa slid his belt through the loops, folded it in half, and snapped it. “My turn, Mrs. Claus.”