Sexcapades: Sizzling. Sexy. Snippets.

Sexcapades samplerSexcapades: Sizzling. Sexy. Snippets.

Discover your next sexy romance read in the Sexcapades collection of sizzling scenes. Nine authors bring you eleven of their most provocative scenes from fan-cooling steam to bring-on-the-ice sizzle.

In Cynthia and the Conductor, Cynthia is in for the ride of her life, in Petunia and the Pearl Diver, he’ll dive deep to discover her pearl, in Willow and the Warlock, magic isn’t all this sexy warlock wields, in Pia and the Prisoner of War, there’s more than one kind of torture…and so much more!

Sexcapades is a series of uninhibited sexual escapades from your favorite best-selling romance authors. Genres include: contemporary, suspense, historical, paranormal and post-apocalyptic…something for everyone. 

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